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  • "Call of duty: Black Ops 4" classified Easter Egg Cutscene unlocked by glitches
    Zeit Nov. 7, 2018 Von SCDKey

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle.net Key EU zombie enthusiasts have finally discovered the last scene of Classified, which has generated controversy within the community. In the short clip, players must finish round 150, which was played by Pluto, TheGamingRevo and dkdynamite on Monday. The only drawback is that the trio had to use problems and exploits to do it without failing.


    The end of 90 seconds shows the crew of Ultimis Zombies sitting in a cell of Hangar 4 after the events of the Moon. Richtofen jokes, jokes with Nikolai, who sips his beloved vodka. While preparing to take a sip, the Quartet Blood of the Dead enters through a portal and Primis Nikolai informs the Ultimis crew that they must prepare to lead the Great War against Dr. Monty.



    Like zombies, many questions remain unanswered. However, the way in which the scene of the image was obtained is more controversial than the end itself. Since the clip can not be unlocked without cheating, as the Pluto team did, there is a debate over whether Treyarch has served the Hardhard Zombies fans well.



    This is not the first time Treyarch's loyal zombies feel disappointed after the release of call of duty black ops 4. In addition to the vague update notes that accompany important updates, even the critical changes of Easter eggs were unexpectedly modified with the release of version 1.03. For unfortunate players, the fact that Classified is a broken card with an almost impossible reward only adds to the injury.


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