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  • Behind the audio of Total War: Three Kingdoms
    Zeit Jul. 5, 2019 Von SCDKey

    One of the biggest challenges in the creation of audio for strategy games, especially for the Total War series, is to create attractive soundscapes that will not only improve your mood, but also your aesthetics, and give life to the world. Meanwhile, players always remain interesting and empathetic after hundreds of hours of play.

    Total War THREE KINGDOMS Steam Key is played in China, a country as varied as diverse. It is a historical land full of breathtaking landscapes, so we wanted to reflect that with the audio. To do this, we have developed many new Total War: Three Kingdoms audio systems to make sure that the sound is still alive, responds to the player's actions and has an authenticity that surpasses previous Total War games.

    Three Kingdoms is the first Total War game with a continuous day and night cycle, which allows players to play 24 hours at a time. It was a challenge because it was about developing an audio system that would allow the environments used at different times of the day to merge seamlessly into the map and appear consistent and credible.

    In a campaign, players hear not only the sounds of wildlife on the map, which change throughout the day, but also the sounds of settlements.

    There is very little activity in the camps early in the morning and some small groups of people start to babble. The crowds gather during the day and gradually increase until the streets and markets are the busiest in the early afternoon. Players will learn how traders are trying to sell their products and tools, as well as weapons manufactured in workshops for workers and armies. As the day progresses, crowds gradually shrink and settle in, while residents return home for the night.

    The volume of the crowd varies according to the size of the colony. Large cities have a much larger crowd than small villages. This helps create a contrast between the types of rules and allows players to recognize them by their sound at a certain level.

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