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  • Review of The Prince's Nightmare
    Zeit Apr. 2, 2020 Von

    Once upon a time, the Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince series was heralded as one of the most impressive indie games in the world. Developer Frozenbyte released the game in 2009 to praise criticism and fan reception at a time when downloadable games were just beginning to take shape.


    While Trine's first sequel improved on everything the original did well, Trine 3 headed south. Whether due to lack of experience or a tight budget, the final version of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power was an idiot.


    It is truly a sad story and something that would never happen to a talented company. Fortunately, Frozenbyte didn't throw in the towel. After the team regains confidence with a few smaller versions, it returns to the series that has made it a household name.



    As the title suggests, the story of Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince revolves around the nightmare prince. A boy named Selius flees from the Magic Academy and accidentally starts causing trouble across the country. The academy does not want to be ready to destroy everything, but calls Amadeus the magician, Ponce the knight and Zoya the thief to bring Selius back and take him back to the academy. After a few short tutorials, the trio reunited after many years to embark on another adventure.


    To complete some levels, Selius will summon each of the heroes' deepest fears manifesting in a boss fight. It's a very creative approach to exploring the backgrounds of the main players, but the fights are a little long. Amadeus in particular has a boss fight, which is mysterious and very difficult to execute.

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