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  • Resident Evil 3 review: Capcom offers the best of Raccoon City
    Zeit Nov. 2, 2020 Von

    While the first three quarters of this game are much stronger than the ending, this is certainly a title that no horror fan of Resident Evil 3 will want to miss out on.


    Since 2017, Capcom has been in a hot phase with the Resident Evil franchise, going back to the roots horror fans fell in love with, long before the rocks were touched.



    Building on the incredible foundation from last year's Resident Evil 2, Capcom delivers yet another successful horror remake, and the early installments in particular are some of the best in the series. The ending creeps in and some distances from the original game are strange choices.


    Since this is a remake, the premise of the story here is simple and familiar. STARS. Member Jill Valentine is still in Raccoon City when the T-virus pandemic breaks out, causing total chaos as crowds of people become infected and transformed.


    Resident Evil 3 immediately indicates that even as a veteran, you may not be ready for what's to come. The tone is instantly set and the action blends remarkably well with the widespread horror.


    Speaking of Nemesis, he's the highlight here, and for good reason. Are you trying to escape him from afar? It's time for the rocket launcher. Did she suddenly turn to escape him? Great, now watch him jump on you and slide down a wall to greet you. Nemesis is not only a pervasive threat, but incredible attention is paid to the way Nemesis pursues you.



    At this point, it's almost taken for granted, but the RE engine continues to run here. All the characters are amazing with realistic motion capture, while the environments are rendered in incredible detail as the game aims for 60 FPS fluidity.


    Each enemy looks incredibly detailed, with a greater variety of enemies than Resident Evil 2. HDR has also been significantly improved since Resident Evil 2, as that strange gray filter is gone and reflections work well in shady environments. 

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